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The Prelogue

What a gem….our first wildlife find!


Ok, maybe not.  I was just testing my new lens out on Mos Def, one of my dart frogs (Dendrobates leucomelas).  She’s safe and secure back in Princeton, yearning to join her cousins in the Costa Rican wild….

Maybe some day.  But for today, it’s about sending me off to the jungle.  At long last.  After years of looking forward to this, days of research on where we’re going, and hours of papers, and, yes, more papers, I’m finally going on the Bio FSP.




Packing (sorta) started a couple weeks ago, but somehow it came down to the wire (as always).

Headlamp? Check.

Fins? Check.

Frisbees? All five of them.

Bequested rock hammer that somehow always makes its way onto my excursions?  Yessir.

At least I had everything on my list somewhere in the house….right?  No, wait, my snorkel and mask are at the Jersey shore.  Figures.





But at long last, closing in on 2am, I stuff the last pair of triple A batteries into a backpack pocket and am all set.  Huge shoutout to Mother Nature for being there the whole way and picking up my slack when oh-so-desperately-needed.


Ok, time to get some rest so that maybe I can wake up for my 6:15 alarm.  Next time you hear from me, I should be well on my way to paradise.

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