Tuesday, January 5th: San Jose

Tuesday, January 5th: San Jose

After getting back from exploring the city, Robbie and I had just enough time to sneak in a workout in the hotel gym before dinner.

Chest and Shoulders baby:

push-up circuit:
15 regular push-ups
12 wide fly push-ups
10 diamond push-ups
x 3

shoulder circuit:
10 front arm raises
10 side arm raises
10 upwards rows
x 3

Plank complex:

1 min reg. plank, 10 push-ups. 1 min. plank on left side, 10 push-ups. 1 min. on right side. 10 push-ups.  Then 30 seconds bonus at the end surprise surprise

Crushed it all out in <30 minutes, and then chowed down with the team.

Horrible yet necessary gym selfie:

san jose gym.jpg


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