Tour of Finca de las Piedras


I’ll keep updating this page with more interesting locations, but I’ll start by quickly showing you around some of the property:






The Driveway

Connecting our property with the Interoceanic Highway is a 2-km dirt road through the fields. Great place for running into the sunset listening to Queen, or for herping on warm humid nights.

La Casa

The house in which we all live, except Gjoberto, who has his own tent and bed across the property. Pretty well put together, nice breezy place.


La Comedor

The kitchen in which we eat meals and have meetings. Prime place to get a delicious meal from Jose or get a horrendous sting from a wasp.



A sample dish of some of the amazingly diverse and delicious fruit we have down here.




On this note, the food here is amazing. Our cook José whips up great dishes every day, and even though we have rice 2-3 times a day it’s always something new. There are many things that aren’t made or can’t be bought in the US — in particular the fruits and fruit juice. Copaçu, cacao fruit, starfruit, passionfruit, prickly pear….and the ones you can get in the US (banana, pineapple, papaya, avocado) are SO much better here.

The Stream

Where we take our baths, wash dishes, wash clothes, etc. A watering hole for staff, interns, trogans, caimans (a little guy, his name is Home Skillet but better known as Pollo) and wolffish alike.



The Forest

Most of the living quarters of the property are in a field of grasses, bananas, and other vegetation — a relic of a fire that occurred on the property around a year ago. But take just a few steps into the trees, and you’re immersed in a sea of green. We have a network of trails across the property, some cut recently, others that have been used by casteñeros (brazil nut harvesters) years ago. We still find old trails in the back of the property, almost reclaimed by the forest again.

(I actually only have videos of the forest at the moment, and can’t post vids on my cheapass basic plan…so I’ll have some pics shortly)

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