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Nature Dave was raised in the remote wildlands of suburban central New Jersey in the town of Princeton. As a young adventurer, he explored the exotic and untamed local pond, fondly dubbed the “Frog Pond,” in search of snapping turtles, northern water snakes, and of course, many frogs.

Unfulfilled by this flat and developed realm, a yearning for the outdoors brought him to little Hanover, New Hampshire, to attend Dartmouth College. On weekends and breaks from school, Nature (earning this nickname during a freshman orientation hiking trip, during which he frequently stopped the group to identify trees and amphibious wildlife) would hike in the nearby White Mountains, or travel on other backpacking adventures with the Dartmouth Outing Club.


But one of the biggest draws of Dartmouth was the school’s foreign study program (FSP) in Biology. Six weeks in Costa Rica and three more on Little Cayman Island opened to him the whole world of tropical ecology, and after he cut his teeth studying poison frog coloration and marine snail distributions, there was no turning back.

Since this formative experience, Dave has been on numerous additional expeditions to study and practice ecology and conservation biology, including Honduras, Louisiana, and the Peruvian Amazon. Through this blog, Nature hopes to share the knowledge and insight he has gained from working in Paradise, so that others may become better acquainted with and appreciative of natural wildlife and landscapes. Enjoy!

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2 comments on “About the Author

  1. Jenna Jones says:

    Hi David – Nice blog!
    So you film and edit your adventures to be a short for you tube and such? The one I watched here was really cool.
    Once you’ve volunteered with the Natural History Museum sleepover, let’s talk and see if you would like to make a short promo video of another sleepover date, particularly the volunteer aspect of it – ex. get short quips or comments from the volunteers on what they like about doing it, how many they’ve done, etc. I think a 90 second video would be a fabulous recruitment piece and you may be just the right guy to help with that!

    Jenna Jones, CVA
    Smithsonian Associates
    Volunteer Coordinator


    1. dklinges9 says:

      Hi Jenna, that sounds like a great idea! Video production is an immensely important aspect of outreach, especially for the sciences and educational fields. We’ll discuss further over email.


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