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Web Development and Data Visualization

The Coastal Carbon Atlas

Use this web interface to visualize, query, and download data from the Coastal Carbon Clearinghouse. User base is the community of scientists and land managers engaged in understanding and preserving coastal ecosysems. Backend and frontend both written in R with use of R Shiny and Leaflet basemaps, customization with JS and CSS. Displayed data stored in the CCRCN Data Library (public), Atlas GitHub repository (private, public release date in May 2019).

Introduction to Data Curation and Visualization in R

An introductory tutorial on how to use R and RStudio to download, re-shape, query, summarize, and plot data (in this case, related to the soil biogeochemistry of coastal wetlands). Tutorial written in R and RMarkdown, customization with CSS and HTML.

dklinges9 on GitHub

Sampling of current projects. Note: majority of GitHub activity is within private Smithsonian repositories.

Coastal Carbon Research Coordination Network (CCRCN)

Webpages providing detail on the CCRCN. Written in HTML and CSS through the Drupal UI.

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